Stick- The new solution to hands free

Stick- The new solution to hands free


Here is something unlike we have ever done before, Stick-your mobile hands free solution. Sticko is a lightweight double suction cup cell phone mount for all your iPhones and Androids. The double suction cup attaches itself to the back of your phone then the other side of the suction cups can attach to almost any smooth surface.


Personally I think this is a great idea, simple, compact, and durable. Sticko comes with a lanyard that can be attached to your key chain or even more convenient, can be attached to your phone with a jack connector.


I usually use my Sticko when I’ m in my car, stick the suction cups to the back of my phone and the other to the dash of my car and I’m hands free! The four suction cups are extremely powerful and I have yet to see my phone fall from using it. In the package it also comes with two stickers to stick on to a surface to make it easier for the Sticko to stay attached.


Now, one of the down sides are the Sticko maynot attach to every phone case. I have a lot of phone cases so I started to test out which ones can and cannot hold on. Just about every case help on but some of the cases that were a little slicker didn’t hold on as much. Now you could put the sticker on the back of the case then stick the Sticko on but personally I wouldn’t want to do that. But out of all 20 of the cases I tried, I have 2 that didn’t hold on so great.


The product is also made out of a specual u.v protected heat proof material so it will stay strong no matter the harsh conditions so you don’t have to worry about the sticko dropping your phone. Sticko also weights less than 5 grams and is led than 14 millimeters high.


Like Sticko? Find them here for only $9.95

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